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Your clients rely on you to help them find the right commercial real estate for their needs.  CEDCO can help you determine how much financing could be provided to them.  We can do this early in the process.  We can pre-qualify your client within 24 hours.


A SBA 504 Loan has significant benefits to your buyer.

A SBA 504 Loan increases their cash flow and is predictable over the life of the loan, by offering:

  • A smaller down payment, typically 10%
  • Get a rate that is typically 1.50% lower than others.
  • Get a 20 year fixed rate.

CEDCO Small Business Finance Corp has provided SBA 504 loans since the inception of the program, more than 35 years.  We have a proven and effecient process which helps you to close each real estate transaction quickly and easily.



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There are several benefits provided by SBA 504 loans:

  • Reduced risk, with a 50% loan-to-value ration
  • Demonstrate CRA compliance through participation in 504 financing
  • No fee or interest rate restrictions on your portion of the 504 loan
  • Lenders faced with loan limit restrictions can diversify among multiply small businesses
  • Retain more funds on deposit with small borrower injections
  • These are high quality loans with can be sold in to the secondary market
  • Build stronger banking relationships with your customers
  • Save time and expenses as the 504 loan package is prepared by CEDCO  

Work with CEDCO on your next 504 loan.


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